Health and Rehabilitation in Florida

We specialize in health and rehabilitation. We are fully licensed by the state of Florida and provide 24 hours, 7 days a week nursing care – both short and long term. Our goal is to make you or your loved one feel at home – we take care of your meals, laundry and housekeeping so you can focus on getting better.

Ayers Health & Rehab offers a large range of medical services for individuals with complex medical issues and those who need rehabilitative therapies. Each person’s short- or long-term care is customized for their individual needs and preferences and delivered around-the-clock by Ayers partners. Come to us for all your health and rehabilitation needs.

Ayers Memory Care services in our Garden Community are focused solely on your loved one and providing a safe, familiar, fun and stimulating environment. We know that memory loss affects everyone different; the Ayers team are highly specialized – they can recognize each resident’s preferences and needs to provide the most personalized memory care and positive interactions.

Through soothing colors, relaxing sounds, comfy chairs and aromatherapy, our controlled environments provide a relaxing, safe and stress-free atmosphere. Rest-assured your loved one is completely secure at Ayers – our facility “locks down” at night and our premise is equipped with alarms to assure no one wanders off.

Focus activities in a safe and secure environment provides Ayers residents with an enhanced quality of life by improving cognitive memory. Our memory care unit has a safe and secure patio area for outside recreation.



They tell us both “what is possible” for the individual and at which dementia stage or level. Secondly, it alerts us to the areas of highest risk in order to reduce the incidence of hospitalization.

From there it provides us with a plethora of information to facilitate maximum performance in activities of daily living (ADL) and mobility. Then, we can choose which activities are best suited for your loved one for memory and mobility so that we can implement them into their daily routines.

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