Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I see "Ayers Partners" a lot on your website. What is an Ayers Partner?

Within our center, our employees are referred to as partners, where responsibility is placed on each partner to build relationships with each individual and their family as well as respective team members.

Who qualifies for nursing home care?

Anyone who requires more assistance than they are receiving at the present time qualifies for nursing home care. A physician who recommends “around the clock care” is another indicator.

If a person is recovering from a hospital stay, illness, or experiencing Alzheimer’s type behavioral problems (ie decreased nutrition, increased wandering and memory loss, constant supervision required) nursing home care is a good option.

How can I admit my loved one?

We understand this can be a very stressful time for you and making the right decision while navigating coverage options is not easy. Additionally, a quick decision is often necessary. We’re here to help you.

Our admission consultants are available to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be confident you’re making the right decision for your loved one and want you to be educated so that you or your loved one receives the correct and complete care he or she needs and is eligible for. Call our admissions office today to schedule an appointment or answer any of your questions at (352) 463-7101.

Does admission into a nursing home require a physician's order?

Nursing home admissions do not always require a physician’s order, however, the order is a requirement of payment for Medicare or Medicaid.

Families usually work with their doctor to decide the right time to admit a loved one to a nursing home. Several factors including age, diagnosis, medical history and abilities of the primary caregiver, play a part in that decision.

Other times, the patient is admitted to a nursing home following a hospital stay whether for short-term or long-term care. Ultimately, the decision to enter a nursing home lies with that individual and their family.

How can I apply for Medicaid for my loved one?

Schedule an appointment with our admissions team (352) 463-7101 and we can assist in filling out and filing Medicaid applications.

You can also apply at your local DCF (Department of Children and Families) office or online at

How are the medical needs of my loved one met?

Our Medical Director and their team work closely with the interdisciplinary team and your loved one to meet their medical needs.

Family council meetings (or care plan meetings) are also held to determine their needs. Your loved one and family members are encouraged to attend and participate.

Who do I talk to about financial, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

We have a full-time Business and Admissions Office for all concerns. If any questions arise regarding these matters, call our Business Office at (352) 463-7101 or stop by and make an appointment.

When can family visit and is there a limit on visitors at one time?

We have an open door policy. You may visit your loved one at any time as long as you are considerate of all of our residents. We encourage all families to visit and take residents outdoors and on outings – whether just for a meal at their favorite restaurant or overnight, it is always special to them.

At this time, we do not have a formal policy regarding the number of visitors. We highly encourage using one of our common areas or beautifully landscaped and decorated outdoor patios to meet with your loved one.

Can children come and visit?

We encourage families to bring children to visit. We ask that they are respectful to otheras and need to do their running in the front yard

What are your visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are everyday from 7:00 AM-8:00 PM.  Our business office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM.

Can we bring a family pet?

You can bring a family pet to visit, as we often have pet therapy dogs at our facility as well.

Here are our rules when bringing a pet to Ayers:

  • A copy of vaccinations must be kept in our Business Office and they must be up-to-date on all vaccinations during each visit.
  • You must clean up after them and take the necessary safety precautions at all times.
  • All pets must remain on a leash.

Can I bring my loved one home for a visit?

Yes, our residents may take a leave of absence with a doctor’s authorization – that can be arranged through Ayers nursing staff. When departing Ayers, the responsible party must sign the resident out and back in upon arrival, in our main office.

Can my loved one receive mail?

We highly encourage you to send your loved one mail, photos or even an email through our “send your loved one a message” feature.  All mail is delivered to residents on a daily basis.

Try using our “Message A Loved One” feature. It’s really simple, is all you need to do is type your loved one’s name in and your message. You can even attach up to (3) images per email. When we receive your email, we print and hand deliver it to your loved one.

Our Mailing Address:

Ayers Health & Rehabilitation Center
ATTN: ______________ Room #: _______
PO Box 229
Trenton, FL 32693

What type of activities do you provide your residents?

Besides providing the best rehab and nursing care to geriatric residents, we aspire to create a fun, loving and social environment that is stimulating for all individuals and Ayers partners.

All of the activities our Activities Director sets in place has a powerful impact on your loved ones healing process. We strive to create social programs and individual activities that match the capability of each resident. Some activities include reading the newspaper, current events catch up, fitness fun, coupon club, playing cards, ring toss, woman’s groups and much more.

How do I find out about activities for your facility and my loved one?

All of our events are posted to a monthly calendar to keep residents informed of upcoming events such as birthday parties, movies, special events, movies and more. We always welcome family and friends to visit and attend our special events.

What personal items should I bring for my loved one?

  • At least 7 days of clothing – especially items that they like to wear.
  • Personal items to make a loved one feel at home. Such as their favorite blankets, photographs, room décor and more. Never bring a family heirloom or anything with a high monetary value.
  • Glasses and dentures.

Can I smoke outside of Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center?

No, for the safety of other we are a smoke free facility for residents. We do not have any designated smoking areas.

Do resident rooms have televisions?

Yes, all rehab resident rooms are equipped with TV’s.

Does my loved one have internet and/or telephone access?

There are telephones in all rehab resident rooms.

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